A Massachusetts man named David Parker stars in the new ad to oppose same-sex marriage in Washington State, which warns that approving Referendum 74 would mean "schools could teach that boys could marry boys."

Marriage Fact Check debunks the commercial's claims and premise, but what's probably more interesting is who this David Parker guy really is. He's not just some concerned parent, not just some father who was idly living his New England life when gay marriage poisoned his progeny.

Parker has a track-record as a certifiable bigot who has equated homosexuality with a disease. After the jump, there's a fact sheet—via the Washington United for Marriage campaign—on the real David Parker.

David Parker: Concerned Parent
or Activist?

David Parker, who has appeared in numerous anti-equality
ads across the country, claims he is a parent concerned about the books
being taught in his child’s classroom. But Parker’s history of
making extreme statements about homosexuality and details about his
2005 arrest for trespassing at his child’s school indicate he is an
activist looking for a fight.


David Parker Has A History Of Making Extreme Statements.

  • Asked if he thinks being a homosexual is the equivalent of having a disease, Parker responded unequivocally: It is.

  • Parker likened households headed by same-sex couples to gangs: Gangs consider themselves families too.

  • Parker lamented the fact that schools wont allow religious testimony on how to escape homosexuality.

  • When reminded that same-sex marriage is legal in Massachusetts,
    responded: Like I said, prostitution is legal in Nevada.


Parker Was Arrested In 2005 For Refusing To Leave
His Child’s School, Said He Wanted Parental Notification – But Reports
Show He Did Receive Notification.
The Boston Globe reported,David Parker was arrested for trespassing
at Estabrook Elementary School in April 2005, when he refused to leave
the building until school officials promised to give him prior notification
of their use of books that include homosexual characters. Rachel Cortez, president of the school's
parent-teacher association, said at the time that parents are given
a chance to examine the books during a back-to-school night event early
in the school year.”
(The Boston Globe, 10/9/08)

Parker Was Given The Opportunity To Leave School
Grounds On His Own; Parker Declared, “If I’m Not Under Arrest Then
I’m Not Leaving.”
Lexington Schools Superintendent William J. Hurley and Lexington
Police Chief Christopher Casey wrote in a statement following Parker’s
arrest: “With the hours passing and the Parkers refusing to leave
the school building, the Lexington Police were notified. While Mrs. Parker chose to leave before
police arrival, Mr. Parker did not. Two plain-clothed detectives arrived
at 5:20 p.m., followed by a Police Lieutenant at 6:00 p.m. All attempted
to coax Mr. Parker to leave voluntarily. However, Mr. Parker made it
clear that he would not leave unless his demands were met and that he
knew he was engaging in ‘civil disobedience’ and was willing to
accept the consequences
. Mr. Parker declared, ‘If I’m not under arrest then I’m
not leaving.’
Mr. Parker also used his cell phone to make a
number of phone calls, and a small group of people began arriving with
cameras.” (Lexington Public Schools, Press Release,

Parker “Chose Not To Be Bailed.” Lexington Schools Superintendent William J. Hurley and Lexington
Police Chief Christopher Casey wrote: “Finally, when it became necessary
for the administrative staff to leave and secure the building, the police
arrested Mr. Parker at 6:24 p.m. The group with the video camera was
waiting behind the police station and photographed Mr. Parker’s arrival. Mr. Parker was processed at the police
station, afforded all his rights, and after using the telephone, chose
not to be bailed
. He was held overnight at the Lexington Police
station and in the morning was transported to the Concord District Court
for arraignment.” (Lexington Public Schools, Press Release,

  • Parker Refused To Pay $40 Bail. ABC News reported, Parker was arrested and, after refusing to post the $40 bail, he
    spent the night in jail
    .” (ABC News, Culture War Hits Kindergarten, 10/19/05)