Don't Turn Washington State into Massachusetts!


How does one "teach" same-sex marriage in the first place?
Today there's a group with a giant banner on one of the pedestrian overpasses on 405, with Marriage = man + woman. I get that people reluctant to change their views might vote against 74 out of ignorance. But how much hate do you have to have to stand out in the rain with a banner fighting against other peoples' marriages?

There are some people I just can't understand.
That's "hate". "how much do you have to hate"
(sigh) or the way I wrote it originally. I'll stop typing now.
@2 Exactly my thought!!! I gave them the finger as I went by. They stopped waving.
While I love gay marriage and good schools. as much as the next Seattleite, you shouldn't just take some anti R-74 line aimed at pressing on the liberal connotations of Massachusetts and use their lauded school system to fight for R-74. I understand these sarcastic, witty (depending on who you ask) posts aren't really about swaying anybody or substantive discourse, but I'd say it's worth thinking about how easily we all would dismiss this kind of tenuous reasoning in an attack from social conservatives as indicative of their lacking intelligence.

In case this sounds like a poor understanding, here's the line I see:

1. They compare teaching same-sex marriage in schools to something done in Massachusetts (subtext: making us more like that head-in-the-clouds socialist academic land of sin)
2. You take that vapid remark and rightly point out that Mass. has by some measures the highest performing school system in the country.
3. (The problem move) You accept their implication that adding same-sex marriage to the curriculum would draw our system closer to Massachusetts in terms of quality. Their completely unrelated, except for that the same political situation that has fostered a decent education system has fostered greater acceptance of same-sex marriage.

My panties are in such a bunch about this mainly just because while both these issues are important, school performance is one where there are far fewer cut and dry truths of the matter, and therefore it's already muddied even in the minds of many who genuinely care, let alone those who don't. Seeing as you're someone whose work usually shows decent restraint and thought regarding this kind of thing, it's troubling to see this blindness so easy to critique.

TL,DR: Be careful of accepting it's implications when you're countering stupidity.
@2 Those are folks from the oh so tolerant Northwest University which is just down the bike path a few blocks. Thought about painting 'Gay Marriage Rules" or just "Fuck You" for when I drive underneath them.
Stranger staff, STOP whining about their bigoted lying ads. Grow some balls already. Every one that has any knowledge of the civil marriage equality issue (calls it that and NOT Gay or Same Sex marriage) knows the ads have been packed with lies. Lies work on the ignorant.

When there is a victory for marriage equality THEN you can lay their lies at the feet of the public and call them out. Doing so now, after 32 loses to such lies is not helpful.
@9 - So how's your tactic of bitching about the bitching working out?
One "teaches" same-sex marriage by acknowledging its existence. The same way one "teaches" Darwin's theory of evolution or the big bang theory.

In all three cases, there is a large contingent of voters who don't want their kids exposed to ideas with which the parents disagree. God forbid that kids be exposed to multiple points of view! Heaven forfend that kids listen to competing views and then make up their own minds!
#10 fantastically, thank you for asking. Now get off that lovely ass of yours and Vote to APPROVE R74. And after you're done let me hug you into my ample bosom. Oh I'm getting moist just thinking of that!
We've also got one of the highest marriage rates and lowest divorce rates in the country here in Massachusetts. It seems if one cares about the sanctity of marriage, one would be rushing to emulate us.
There's no way that parents aren't allowed to opt their students out of sexual education either here or in Mass. Every school district gives the option, although few parents take it. These morons probably just didn't bother to read the letter the school sent home.

None of my students ever had to leave the class during sex ed unless I sent them out because they were making others uncomfortable with their immaturity (which typically resulted in begging, pleading and grand promises to shape up).
@13 How DARE you, sir? Logical and informed arguments have no place in political advertising!