I know Washington State isn't in play in the presidential race, but I wish the PAC responsible for this ad would run it here, if only to remind women and the men who respect them what's really at stake up and down the ticket.

This is the Republican Party, and this is their agenda. In the same way that State Senator Steve Litzow (R-Mercer Island) claimed to be pro-choice—was even a member of the NARAL state PAC board—and then voted to kill the Reproductive Parity Act, Republicans everywhere are loyal to a party that seeks to outlaw abortion (and even many forms of birth control). Rob McKenna can deny all he wants that he would ever act on his personal opposition to abortion, but a vote for him or any Republican is a vote for enabling the anti-woman Republican agenda.

This is the truth about the Republican Party. And voters who ignore it are deluding themselves.