John Koster, Developer Shill


Yay for Snohomish County getting noticed on Slog! Too bad it's such a dismal story. And hey, Jeff Sax was even farther in the pockets of developers, at least we voted that dingbat off the County Council.
"his biggest contributors are mostly developers and related businesses."

You mean, just like Mayor McGinn and Mike O'Brien?
Koster and Dwayne Lane want to turn that stretch of I-5 from Smokey Point to Arlington into Centralia/Chehalis North. They've already got the outlet malls; now all they need is the massive flooding.
Its a shame that a Koster office (not sure if its HQ) has ruined a decent pub.
Since the Dirty Martini closed several years ago there are no decent bars in Everett. None.
koster is pathetic. and your alternative is a microsoft millionaire who's married to another microsoft millionaire. lick some corporate boot and feel good about the war on terra.
aren't you glad that sheriff dave 'head injury' reichert has been gerrymandered into paradise, goldy? how about a slog on that one?
and now i get adam smith as my "incumbent" in the 8th. he's one of those true liberals who support endless authorization to use military force. yee fucking haw!

Koster if fighting for low cost housing for everyone in the Northwest. GMA is an artificial barrier that enslaves the newcomer and lets the longtimer profit at his expense.

It is no wonder, that del Bene, at fly anywhere, run anywhere politician, who a few scant years ago was running in the 8th district (how many houses does she have!!) suddenly pulled up stakes to graze down the next Democrat sinecure!
I'm not familiar with this case, but this definitely isn't accurate:

"Ultimately, the Arlington City Council voted to annex the land and place it inside the city's urban growth area, thus giving the Lanes the victory they wanted."

The county designates the urban growth area, not the city, and the city can't annex land outside of the urban growth area. If that were permissible, I could rattle off ten cities that would annex their neighboring farmland, like, yesterday. The land must have been designated as urban at some point to allow for annexation to occur.
Bailo, you troll, you know as well as I do that DelBene didn't move to change Congressional Districts. What happened is exactly the opposite -- the Redistricting Commission redrew the CDs to put her home (the very same home) in WA-01. Slade Gorton, it seems, was worried that she could beat Reichert this time, so he made sure to extend the boundary of WA-01 just far enough south to include her home in Medina.

Not that one is required to live in a CD to run for office in it. The only requirements are age 25-plus, American citizen, resident of the state where you're running.
Perhaps, I am missing something but I am always surprised by the amount of supposed corruption for so little donation money. I mean, a $5000 donation for an $8 mil transaction, isn't it cheap?
Well golly gee. Look at who's calling someone a developer shill: Goldy, the oozing hypocrites at the Stranger. Yup, the same stinking piece of fake "progressive" shit who supported a $350 million gift to a California billionaire and his bondholders. Why? Because the scumbag yuppie, Goldy, likes basketball better than he likes the things that real progressives would stand for.

And now the same Goldy wants to tell us that someone else is a developer shill. Goldy, kindly remove Mr. Hansen's pecker from your throat; get up off your knees; gargle with Listerine; get our money back; spend a couple of years apologizing. Then, and only then, will I ever possibly take your bullshit seriously.

Meantime, if you're looking for a shill for developers, have a glance in the mirror.
Typical Goldy lies, where going by your beliefs in limited government and liberty means you are a "shill."