Morning News: Let's Talk About the Weather


Poland's Roman Catholic Church is such a bore. Maybe another Inquisition would spice things up.
RE: Deaths from Sandy. Over 80 people died from the storm in the Caribbean - but I guess that doesn't matter to the Stranger. USA! USA!
"...quarter of the ballots its expecting..." I wonder how this happened?

I think it's rich that a John Obi Mikel, a black Chelsea player would make this accusation while his team were red carded down to nine men against Manchester United, but he plays day in and day out with John Terry.…
Poland's Roman Catholic Church should probably think twice before celebrating Christmas and Easter this year then.
I'm with @2. I fucking hate it when the news isn't completely and thoroughly reported to my satisfaction in a single lump in the morning! I demand better free news!
Anyone have any idea if they were able to evacuate the communities of folk living in the old NY underground? This has been on my mind all morning.
Love that Vonnegut quote.

@2, did you send money to help those people? I guess your moral high ground is all the support they need.
Can I get a 90 percent for turnout?

Raise. The. Roof!
One (1) PETA volunteer mails one (1) letter, which costs 37 cents. Result? The news media goes bananas and PETA's name once again is on everyone's lips.

One stamp, that's what they spent.
@2 OMG! You're right! The Stranger is such a terrible paper to ignore non-Americans who died during a recent tragedy!

They're not like.... uh.... hmmm.... let's see.... An American-based news outlet that doesn't concentrate on American deaths while ignoring foreign deaths.... gee.... I know! The... no... not that one... huh... Not much thru history, either. Certainly not during the Iraq War(s), or the Vietnam War, or any other time in American history...

Well, the good thing is that facts never stopped anyone from claiming the moral highground, so go @2! Fuck Yeah!

The Free and Equal Elections Foundation second open-party presidential debate with Jill Stein and Gary Johnson, originally planned for today in Washington D.C., has been postponed until November 5th, due to the hurricane.

In the meantime, here are a few perspectives on the merits of voting for Barack Obama:

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Lawrence O'Donnell on The Last Word (video):
"take a good long look at third-party candidates"

Matt Stoller at Salon:
The progressive case against Obama
(the author has been fiercely criticized for this article and even accused of racism, an accusation Glenn Greenwald dismantles here)

At Black Agenda Report:
Freedom Rider: Not Voting for Obama

At Translation Excercises blog (recommended by Glenn Greenwald):
The Progressive Retreat from Obama: Who is to Blame?