The Atlantic reports:

With the worst of Hurricane Sandy past, many D.C.-area residents have been hearing from far-flung friends checking in to make sure they're fine. But some denizens of Washington and the surrounding area have been getting unsolicited texts that don't come from old friends. On Twitter Tuesday night, political operatives and journalists reported receiving spam texts attacking President Obama. The texts come not from phone numbers but from email addresses, most with mysterious domains:,, According to, which allows searches of domain-name owners, those domains were all registered in February, but the registrant's name is blocked.

Some of the texts include:

Obama denies protection to babies who survive abortions. Obama is just wrong

Re-electing Obama puts Medicare at risk.

ObamaCare: A $700 BIL gamble where Medicare recipients take the risk. Stop Obama!

Obama stole $716 Billion in Medicare. We cant trust Obama to protect our seniors.

These texts have mostly been going to independents and Democrats, and the senders seem to be taking a blunderbuss kind of approach to this. One reporter's 13-year-old daughter got the top text about abortion, which probably made for some delightful dinner-table conversation. You can't respond to these texts, and they're sent from e-mail addresses, which somehow makes them legal, even though spam text messages are illegal. Let's hope someone figures out who's sending these things. I bet people would like to know to whom they should send the charges for texts they didn't want.