Eastlake Transit Planning Punted Until 2014


Don't count on much bus improvement for $2M, unless they're just putting paint on streets. That amount of money is better spent on planning. I hope pushing off planning for political reasons backfires on them. SLU is growing now, and it takes a long time to build transit even without pointless political roadblocks.
So, in other words, they're shuffling pots of money around they will then use to partially pay for the Deeply Unfunded SR-99 Tunnel when you're not looking.
The council is punting hoping that once light rail gets closer to opening to the U District they won't have to deal with Eastlake at all
This is one of those stories where there's so much opinion flying around it takes a lot of patience to sift for facts. For me, anyway.
i cannot walk and chew gum at the same time. i am the city council.
So the Council is now taking strategy tips from Congressional Republicans? "Screw the Country (City) getting rid of Obama (McGinn) is our number one priority!" :(
Hmm. Interesting point, @6.

Bike is the new Black.