I Disappointed the Good People of Wallingford Tonight by Canvassing for Referendum 74, Minus a Costume, Children, or Any Desire for Candy


I was out canvassing around Greenlake tonight...the majority of the conversations were positive, and yes, we got candy as well. Back at it as much as I can over the next few nights.
This R74 post was a lot more enjoyable to read than your last. One talking point that has worked well for me during phonebanking is that R74 both protects and expands religious freedom, because there are a lot of churches that are eager to perform same-sex marriages.
Is anyone canvassing the area in Spokane, Yakima, and the Tri Cities for Yes on R74?
@2, by any chance were you phone banking in Bellevue last Saturday?
Why'd you try to pass as a straight couple? It's Wallingford, not Kiev.
@4-- no, Capitol Hill
@5 It was Halloween.

Is there anyway we can get a few car loads of people to drive over to Spokane over the weekend? That place is going to need far more door knockers than they currently have. And those aren't going to be "fun" conversations for the most part but it has to be done?

@8 at this point, the game is about getting SUPPORTERS to vote. If we do that, we win. The persuasion game is over.
Someone should've gone as Dumbledore with an R-74 sign.
He was gay right? I haven't read those books.
I believe Dumbledore was supposed to be gay, yes. But he was more your old-fashioned "confirmed bachelor" rather than being in any relationships. If same sex marriage gets a foothold in this country, I'd like to see more elderly people going for it rather than pretending/denying. There's been more than a couple of sad, lonely old men in my own family who I think would have been much happier if they'd been born fifty years later.