Let me know where theyre bitin, Inslee said on a recent sportsfisher podcast.

Maybe you didn't know there are a million anglers in Washington State, or that they spent a collective total of 13.5 million days fishing last year, or that this whole business of standing and casting represents a billion-dollar industry. I certainly had no idea. Nor did I know that Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jay Inslee could talk trout like this.

If you're exhausted by endless repetition of the same old talking points in the governor's race, then I highly suggest clicking that link above and listening to Inslee chat about the effect that cormorants are having on the local fishing stock, a controversy over non-tribal gill nets on the Columbia River, and his favorite video of his wife casting a reel (Is that how you say it? I don't know. Ask Jay). "He grew up fishing," explains Inslee spokesperson Jaime Smith.

And, no surprise, a combination of Inslee's fish familiarity and his environmentalism—sportsfishers want clean rivers and lakes as much as anyone—has led to his endorsement today from the Northwest Sportsfishing Industry Association. What does Rob McKenna sound like when he talks about fishing? Like this.