Mars Is Like...


Does this mean Obama was born on Mars? Be the first ET Truther.
not that surprising.
You mean it's crowded with Japanese tourists?
Mars has the best sushi!
Remember, Mars has a very long day, so get your official Disney John Carter watch when planning to arrive for Sushi Happy Hour there.
@6: fuck, are you congenitally incapable of being right about anything? Martian day is marginally longer than an earth day. (year is another story)
@6 A day on Mars is maybe forty minutes longer than a day on Earth. You tell us if that's "very long"...
@7 so, basically, I'm right but you're just arguing over what "long" means?

Wow. have some candy, you must be low on blood sugar.
@9 - So what does "very long" mean then? Also, it's obvious that you were sing and earth day as your point of reference and using "very long" in relation to that.

And you are wrong, again. Very, very wrong.
@10 - So what does "very, very wrong" mean then? It's obvious that you were using WiS' wrongness as your point of reference and using 'very, very wrong' in relation to that.

And your head looks oblong. Very, very oblong.
This is not surprising. Mars has a number of giant shield volcanoes, which scientists believe were formed over hotspots, similar to the process that formed the Hawaiian islands. The difference is that while Hawaii is a chain of volcanoes because the Pacific Plate moves relative to the hotspot over time, Olympus Mons and its ilk were situated on an unmoving set of plates, so over millions of years they grew gigantic - Olympus Mons is three times the height of Everest in addition to being many times as wide.
If we're gonna talk "long-ass days" let's talk venus. ~2800 hours and the sun rises in the west.
You're just upset they greenlit John Carter of Mars II.

Venus is a bit too hot, though. Even if ERB wrote some cool books about that as well.
That's exactly what I thought as I climbed Mauna Loa. The vegetation grows smaller and more sparse until no plants can be seen - just an endless sea of red rock for hours on accent. Coming back down, the first plant spotted is a joy to behold, and the jungle forest the car was parked in seemed from another reality.