Morning News: Happy Halloween!


"Lost His Battle with a Truck". Ha! Good one. Thought he could "battle" a truck and lost. Typical pedestrian. They all deserve it. Somebody's stupid grandpa I bet.
House arrest for a serial rapist but months in jail for refusing to testify at a grand jury. This is not justice.
Big cats vs. pumpkins! RAWRRRRR!…
@2: Alleged rapist. Apples and oranges...
@2 "House arrest for a serial rapist but months in jail for refusing to testify at a grand jury."

As #4 pointed out, alleged rapist.

Further, while I am against what currently appears to be a politically motivated and bullshit campaign of improper use of prosecutorial procedures, they are on the books for a reason, and if they were focusing on a child trafficking ring, an insider trading cabal or a salesman of government favors, I would tend to endorse their usage.
Apocalypse Now: The Romney Edition

The other day, the Pentagon held a Zombie Apocalypse exercise with US Marines, partially coordinated by the Halo Corp. (No, I'm not kidding, and that ungodly named Halo Corporation is composed of former intel and special forces types.)

Undoubtedly, the DoD is getting ready for the possibility of a Romney/Ryan victory --- God help us one and all!

I didn't vote for Romney, of course, as I have no experience with killing zombies --- and a frontal assault by hordes of disgusting, smelly zombies must be similar to a Mormon gathering on crystal meth --- both scenarios should fill everyone with dread.

Even that formerly indicted fellow of questionable business practices, David Stockman, understands and has commented, that Romney was simply a speculator and asset stripper --- certainly no true businessman and Romney doesn't know squat about job creation!

And his fruity sidekick, Paul Ryan, is such a complete idiot he suggested last year that America should become a tax haven: America has acted as an offshore finance center -- or tax haven -- for many, many decades --- that Ryan is such a douchey!

So, if by some perverse fluke of history (rigged voting machines, etc.), Romney wins the election, look forward to Hallowe'en every night --- only those zombies banging on your door won't be in costume --- and they won't be satisfied with just candy!

Trick or treat, America .........…
So we don't really know what a president Romney would do with FEMA? Shocking.
Wall Street Survival Guide for Super-Storms…
Oh lordy, it's gonna be a high tech Hallowe'en.....……

My faves (from the League of Dirty Old Men department):……

(Don't tase me, Jen, don't tase me, bro...)
You really have to be ironic about an old man getting hit by a truck? Seriously? The hipsterism goes that fucking deep?
This would never happen if we only used dump-bicycles.
I'm so sick of the Stranger's snark. I guess he wasn't Cienna's grandpa.
Um, 30 percent defunding isn't "keeping it" for FEMA.

It means cutting the FEMA budget by the money spent on New Jersey and New York this year.
We get lectured yesterday that it's too soon to make light of the storm. But not too soon to make light of a dead old man. I know I should just stop reading, etc. But there is much to like about the Slog. But @10 nails it. And this isn't an isolated thing. It always bugs me and usually talk myself out of commenting.


Then go away.

@10 - Clutch your pearls tighter.

@12 - You too!
@16: Be careful, you're sounding like a jaded little twit.
Oh for fuck's sake, enough with the fucking "pearl clutching"!

Not a goddamn day goes by around here without some pretentious twat talking about "clutching your pearls".

The next person to use that phrase should be strangled with a string pearls.

I'm looking at *you* Catalina del-whateverthefuck.
Oh, and Cienna Madrid is one of the douchiest douches at The Stranger.

And that is saying *a lot*, lemme tell you.