Over on my number #1 news source, Facebook, a new group of residents are lobbying the city to turn every traffic light signal in Seattle into All Way Walk signals to promote pedestrian safety.

The campaign, which has 32 "likes" on Facebook, says that turning every signaled intersection into "all walk" zones would promote safety and result in fewer pedestrians being pancaked by careless drivers. The group wants to start their walker's revolution with the Boren Avenue and Madison Street, and 23rd Avenue and E Yesler Way intersections.

The city already has a few of these all-walk intersections, most notably, on First Avenue and Pike Street and at the West Seattle Junction. But as Walking in Seattle points out, the Seattle Department of Transportation says that all-way walk signals would slow down every mode of traffic significantly, because walkers would basically have to wait through two traffic signals for their chance to cross:

In fact, SDOT studied 70 signals in the downtown retail core and found that pedestrians and motorists would experience a significant delay at these intersections and at other nearby intersections—and that the delay for buses would be even worse.

Then again, who gives a fuck what SDOT thinks? I'm sure you know better than them, wise Hall Monitors of Slog!