Election Stressbuster of the Day


I feel guilty giggling at the lipsyncing and phantom audience effects while there are New Yorkers still suffering. But I can live with it. Thank you!
gloriously fucked.
I seem to remember that it ran on weeks alternating with the Sonny & Cher variety show ...
ROFL.. One of my close friends (and ex-employee) is one of those afro wig wearing dancers! She was in almost all of the episodes and is featured in the Love to Love You Bradys book! Aw.. even the cast knew it was a horrific show! :)
Truly awful.
the disco duck bit has retaken its spot in my mind, after finally forgetting it via booze sometime in the early 90's. Thanks!
I kinda thought (and had really hoped) the South Park episode and Foreskin Gump were gonna be included here too.
I seem to remember from Barry Williams's book Growing Up Brady that Robert Reed -- legendarily belligerent about the cheesy Brady Bunch stories and dialogue -- absolutely LOVED doing this show.

Would it be stereotyping for me, a straight person, to guess he had such a good time because the 70s variety show genre really appealed to his gay side?
Thanks to you, I have wasted the better part of an hour watching other clips from this show on YouTube. It might be one of the greatest worst things ever.
My friend played me the Brady Bunch version of "American Pie" There is nothing funnier than how chipper they sound when singing about Satan laughing with delight.
It is so hard to explain variety shows to those that did NOT have to live through them.

Kids, no video, no DVDs, no Tivo. You watched what was on. And there were a LOT of variety shows/specials. My fav was always Sonny and Cher (for obvious reasons).

At least Donny and Marie could sing and dance.
@11, your new favorite website is http://ultimatevariety.blogspot.com.

here's a taste: the 1976 Paul Lynde Halloween Special, featuring Margaret Hamilton (The Wicked Witch of the West), Florence Henderson, Betty White, and KISS. And much more. If you can get that far.
Was that Rip Taylor in the duck suit alongside Alice?
How the fuck is that a stressbuster? I'm more stressed than I was 5 minutes ago.