It's bullshit. It's trending on Twitter. It has a good chance of eclipsing the positive job report. So, well done Fox.

Obama is not Hitler. Obama is not a socialist. Obama is not a Muslim. With that in mind, let's turn to a recent Romney event and see the real crazy....

One sorry woman claims she has lost all of her freedoms because of Obama. But when asked to name these freedoms that Obama has taken away from her, she can't name one. Another sorry woman even calls Obama an atheist and a Muslim. What is going on here? It's an existential crisis at the social level. The root of this groups being (white, American, superior) has been deracinated and is exposed to an unknown and unknowable sun. Alien Obama brings uncertainty to the things that once seemed so true, so real, so unbendable. Obama has, of course, never harmed these people physically or economically. They are still doing well enough. They have their cars and their weight. But judging from the sound of their voices and the confusion of their thoughts, they seem totally devastated. What made them this way? The damage their president caused is purely psychic. For these broken people, looking at Obama is like looking directly at the sun.