Friday Photo Fun: Do You Have a Great Photo of Bauhaus Coffee?


Condos increase density and increase the availability of affordable housing. If the hipsters at the Stranger got their way, everyone would have to buy single family detached houses, spreading the exurbs ever further out, demanding ever more freeways.

The problem is that new condos don't look cool. And looking cool is all hipsters care about.
Wait, I though Bauhaus was going to be spared?

Rapid changes.

What else other than this is being built?

And Belltown seems to have solidified with the same few high rises it built 10 years ago.
Yeah, I thought the firm changed their mind, decided not to demolish, something about uproar. Not true?
It's going to reopen in the new space that will be in the same place as its old space. The new building will grow up and around the shell of the old. The people living in the new apartments upstairs and shops below will pay more rent than the people in the old apartments upstairs and shops below.

I think I have a photo of the crowded Bauhaus loft early on, everyone smoking cigarettes and shouting merrily. Let me try to dig it up.
You Kids. I've lived on Capitol Hill for over 40 years. You think that these recent changes are the end of the world? NOT. It's very Seattle. So, let's get a shot and smoke a cigar at Lion O'Reilly's & B.J. Monkeyshines and then have dinner at Henry's off Broadway and then go dancing at The Brass Connection. On the way home, we can get a Jumbo Jack at Jack In The Box, then in the morning let's have breakfast at the original Egg cetra.......silly kiddies, Seattle IS change.
@6 Win.
I'm glad Capitol Hill is continuing to be come more like Bellevue and Bell Town. Those places are JUST what Capitol Hill should become.

And did someone up above call condos "affordable"? Must be nice being wealthy!!!
Mmm, bloviation.
Hold the mother effing phone:

Destruction of a COFFEE SHOP to make way for housing... IS NOT MOTHER FUCKING GENTRIFICATION

Get the fuck over yourselves.