A poorer-quality video of this exchange circulated the inter-tubes way back at the beginning of this year, but now it's making the rounds again:

Plenty of people are talking about how scary it is that Romney seriously believes that pretty soon, Jesus is going to divide his time between Jerusalem and Missouri for one thousand years. (Stands to reason that Mitt Romney's lord and savior owns at least one summer home.) And that is scary. This is a man who doesn't question his faith at all. In his great speech on religion, JFK argued that he wouldn't govern as a Catholic. This Mitt Romney—the Romney who believes that he's not being recorded, who is really the only honest Mitt Romney—doesn't seem like he's able to separate his faith and his office. That's frightening stuff, when you consider the fact that he's looking forward to an apocalyptic explosion in the Middle East that will bring about Paradise.

But I'm even more surprised that Romney's anger hasn't become more of a story. One of Romney's personality traits that I don't think received enough attention during this campaign is the fact that he's kind of a rage baby. When he disagrees with someone, or if someone doesn't agree with him enough, he treats them like a doormat: Talking over them, putting words in their mouths, misrepresenting them and then telling them they're wrong. This is a man who gets his way, and if he doesn't get his way, he throws a tantrum. That's not a temperament you want to see in a president.