Mitt Romney's son, Matt Romney, recently went on a business trip to Russia, the New York Times reports. But he also had a super-secret political mission, too:

But while in Moscow, Mr. Romney told a Russian known to be able to deliver messages to Mr. Putin that despite the campaign rhetoric, his father wants good relations if he becomes president, according to a person informed about the conversation.

That's nice. "I know dad is trash-talking you, but relax! He's just trying to get elected. He'll be totally cool when he gets voted in." Bear in mind, please, that Mitt Romney spent a fair amount of time trying to slam President Obama for telling Medvedev he'd be more flexible in his second term. Then he basically does the same thing.

But the thing I'm most interested in is: How did the New York Times find out about this story? My guess is that Putin thinks Romney is hilarious and incompetent, and he leaked the story to make fun of Romney. It's a pretty great show of disrespect, if that's what really happened.