VOTE OR WELL KILL YOU: Click the cheat sheet.
  • VOTE OR WE'LL KILL YOU: Click the cheat sheet.
Jobs Up, Unemployment Up: In the last update before the presidential election, the Labor Department announced today that national employers added 171,000 positions in October. Meanwhile, the unemployment rate ticked up from 7.8 in September to 7.9 percent—the highest rate facing an incumbent president since FDR.

Fuel Shortage in New York: Subway lines are still down, carpooling is mandatory, but now gas shortages are stirring up fights and hampering the city's recovery efforts. Meanwhile, somewhere else in the city, a fleet of commuter cyclists is gloating so hard right now.

Maybe Too Soon for a Marathon? Since they're still finding bodies in New York and a lot of people are homeless and the people who have homes lack power and now the whole city's out of gas, maybe there are higher priorities this weekend than running 26 miles for a t-shirt or whatever?

Doing What Lawyers Do Best: Thousands of lawyers representing both presidential campaigns are poised to spy at polling places in battleground states and then sue for perceived intimidation or acts of voter sabotage.

Seattle's Floating Homes: As I've written about before, liveaboarders say their way of life is being threatened by proposed new city rules that would outlaw new floating homes and tighten regulations on existing ones so that the public have can better access the water.

Seattle Woman Crashes into Cop Car: Officers arrested a woman early this morning under suspicion of DUI after she reportedly ran a red light and plowed into a car filled with cops.

Raising Money to Help a Kickass Bartender: Murray Stenson, a kickass bartender who's brought great memories to Il Bistro, Zig Zag Cafe, and Canon, needs heart surgery. And he doesn't have insurance. That's where everyone else comes in:

Fundraising events were quickly booked at venues in Seattle and Portland, and as far away as Singapore and Australia. Fellow bartenders put out tip jars. Money poured in from cocktail regulars and others who only knew Stenson by name or by the decades-old cocktail he brought back to life, "The Last Word."

... So far, Stenson's friends have raised more than $55,000. Fundraisers are planned in Seattle, San Francisco, Washington D.C., and New York in coming weeks. Paul Clarke, a cocktail historian and Seattle-based journalist, said many bartenders would go to Stenson's bar on their nights off and watch him work.

"Not only does he have a clientele of regulars, he's a mentor to a lot of Seattle bartenders," said Clarke, who publishes The Cocktail Chronicles blog.

Guilty of Being a (Neat) Freak: "A woman accused of breaking into a home west of Cleveland, cleaning it and leaving a bill for $75 has pleaded guilty to attempted burglary."

South Korea's Chatty Elephant: He's learned how to say the words "no" and "annoying," which is really all the vocabulary you need when you're an elephant trapped in a zoo.

Scarlet Alphabets for Assholes: Vigilante groups in young Egyptian men are hunting down other men who allegedly grab and sexual harass women on the street and marking them with spray paint. "They gave themselves the right to molest the female, we gave ourselves the right to molest him — the molester," as one paint carrying man explains.

Porn Fines: A man has been hit with $1.5m in fines for sharing 10 gay porn movies via BitTorrent. Let this be a big, hard, throbbing lesson for us all.

Free Federal Goldfish! "Throughout the 1880s and 1890s, these fish were bred in ponds in Washington and Baltimore, and anyone who sent a request through a member of Congress would receive one, along with a glass globe to keep it in." Simpler times, my friends. Simpler times.

And finally, speaking of simple, VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!