My Chemical Nachos

You know how you'll be sitting at home, reading a book, watching TV, looking at pictures of animals dressed in dapper outfits on Reddit, whatever, and then suddenly you get the urge to eat a big plate of nachos or a banana split or tater tots drenched in mayonnaise/ketchup dipping sauce? Your mind and body become fixated on this craving—you must eat something salty or sweet (or both!) RIGHT THE FUCK NOW even if it's midnight, even if you're not hungry, even if the only food you have in your house is a frozen bag of peas and a jar of mustard that expired in 2011. The only way to quiet the craving is to give in—to put on pants, walk to the store in the middle of the night, and then go home to gorge yourself on cheese or ice cream until you feel like a bloated, gross jerk.

We've all done it. Don't lie.

Sometimes that happens with me and music. Sometimes my brain gets so fixated on hearing a song or an album, even if it's absolutely the worst piece of music that has ever existed, that the only way I can make the urge go away is to give in. Last week I had to listen to Lisa Loeb's "Stay." (Not a bad song, guys!)

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