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What Money? A man in Bellingham is accused of stealing $110,000 from his mother, an Alzheimer's patient. When he was granted power of attorney to pay his ill mother's bills, he bought a Porsche.

Creepy Coach: A Franklin High School football coach was arrested after allegedly sending sexy texts to a 13-year-old girl. The girl's mother found out and began texting the coach under the guise of her daughter. She arranged a meeting with the coach in Renton where police arrested him.

Pay Up: Oregon National Guardsmen were awarded an $85 million settlement when a jury found a military contracting firm guilty of negligence in rebuilding a damaged water plant in Iraq. Contractors from the former Halliburton subsidiary ripped open bags of sodium dichromate, a toxic chemical which the soldiers unknowingly inhaled.

Stopping Storms: There is such a thing as hurricane suppression technology. It would cool the ocean surface temperature to dampen the fury of storms. It may even stop the next Sandy.

New Pope! It turns out there are a few popes. But the newest one will preside over the Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church's 10 million members. The Financial Times reports that the new pope's selection was decided when his "name was pulled out of a crystal chalice by a young, blindfolded boy."

No Cobain Musical: Courtney Love says there will be no musical about her late husband. She's against commercializing Cobain's legacy, but she's in discussion with director Brett Morgan about making a film about her life since Cobain's death and has given up rights to his likeness. So, just a tad of commercialization.

Baking Kindness: A new study finds that the smell of fresh bread makes you less of an asshole. The smell is known to trigger positive feelings, which make you more bearable to be around. Just don't go behind the bakery counter when you huff bread. Employees only.

Red Dye: If you see red water flowing around Tacoma or Blaine, don't panic. It's not the end of the world, it's an experiment by Health Department scientists to see what treated wastewater does to shellfish.

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