I always tell myself "I can never-ever love the Babeland store any more than I already do." Then they prove me wrong. Tomorrow, in hopes of getting more people out to the polls, they're giving away 200 vibrators, plus other prizes. From Babeland HQ:

Red or Blue, conservative or liberal, if there's one thing we all have in common it's our right to vote. Get out and help choose our next President on Tuesday, November 6th. For your effort, we'll give a free Babeland Bipartisan Buzz to the first 200 voters at each of our stores in New York City and Seattle. From 1-5 pm, all stores will also be doing hourly drawings for winners to get a toy of their choice. Cast your vote to decide which toy should govern in the bedroom and you just might win it!

On a related note, they recently did a customer survey:

These are the results of a customer survey we conducted this fall that looked at how sexual behavior breaks down along party lines. Over 1,600 people responded and discovered some fun stats. For example:

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The full survey results after the jump. VOTING IS SEXY!