This video is making the rounds on Kos and in other places:

I think one of the most telling stories about Mitt Romney is this New York Times story about how Romney protested for the Vietnam War:

Mr. Romney, though, stayed true to his chinos and the Vietnam War, even joining a counterprotest against the occupation of the office of the university president, Wallace Sterling. Forty-six years later, some classmates remember his pro-war stand as principled and heartfelt; others say he merely championed the worldview of his father, George Romney, then Michigan’s governor, a war supporter and a future contender for the 1968 Republican presidential nomination. Still others say he sailed through the most schismatic moral and political issue of that time — and perhaps of any period since in the United States — with neither much angst nor introspection.

Four years later, Romney announced that he believed the Vietnam War was a mistake. That flip-flop—from a thoughtless acceptance of the conservative status quo to a thoughtless acceptance of popular public opinion—really defines Mitt Romney for me. This flip-flop is where it all started.