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  • VOTE OR WE'LL KILL YOU: Click to see our full endorsements.

OMG, there's an election tomorrow! I'd throw you a link, but you can read about it just about everywhere, so just Google it or something.

Toss-up, schmoss-up. Sure, the pundits want you to believe the presidential race is a toss-up, because that's what'll keep you reading the pundits, but every polling meta-analysis out there, from Nate Silver's 538 to Darryl's "Monte Carlo" analyses at my old haunts HA, have President Obama up comfortably in the electoral college count.

Speaking of meta-analyses... Darryl's got the only one running in the Washington governor's race, and analyzing the last three public polls, he finds Jay Inslee with a 75 percent probability of winning the election. That may sound pretty good, but if the doctor told you you have a one in four chance of terminal cancer, you'd be pretty damn worried. Be worried, and vote, goddammit!

Blame it on Sandy. Republicans are preparing to blame President Obama's imminent victory on Hurricane Sandy. Though I'm not sure if pegging Romney's defeat on an act of God will play with the Republican base the way they intend it to play.

Don't trust Republicans with your ballots! Republicans are going door-to-door offering to collect your ballot and drop it off for you. Can you trust them? Um... they're fucking Republicans!

Don't trust Republicans on the phone! Readers are reporting getting phone calls urging them to vote for "pro-choice" Rob McKenna and a list of other Republicans. Don't believe 'em.

And in non-election related news: I'm sure there must be some non-election related news out there, but I wasn't interested enough to look for it. So Google it yourself.

And finally, in case you're not already aware of how incredibly stupid Tim Eyman's I-1185 is, here's a simple video explaining how stupid Tim Eyman's I-1185 is: