The SECB Cheat Sheet


I used it when I filled out my ballot last night. I only wish the Cheat Sheet covered elections in other areas of the state, so I could get info on my local races, too.
100,000 views is about 2.6% of Washinton's registered voters (3,851,274), or about 3.1% of Washington residents who might be expected to vote. (In 2008, we had 84.6% turnout.)

Not quite the 11% of the voting population that the SECB directly controlled during the primaries (based on Sawant's write-in performance), but it also doesn't take into account paper copies, nor loyal readers instructing their friends and family on the proper voting method. (Blind obedience. All hail SECB!)
Here's hoping the readers had enough sense to vote for John Urquhart rather than Republican Steve Strachan. Urquhart is solely endorsed by over 20 Democratic organizations, FUSE, Publicola, and has the highest SEAMEC rating in the race.

Urquhart also was in favor of I-502 five months before Strachan finally endorsed it, and Urquhart also held a joint fundraiser with the Approve R-74 campaign. Strachan, on the other hand, held a fundraiser called "Shootin' with the Sheriff" at a gun range in Bellevue in one of the worst years for gun violence in our city's history.

And don't even get me started on the two terrible audits of the Sheriff's Office, the 100 lost citizen complaints, the $9 million sexual harassment lawsuit, and a sustained ethics violation because Strachan was campaigning in uniform at the King County Republican Picnic.

For accountability and a needed change in the Sheriff's Office, vote John Urquhart for Sheriff.
It was helpful. If I found that The Stranger and The Seattle Times agreed, I generally voted for that candidate. Others races were not so clear cut but it was good to read some calm, reasoned opinions. I enjoyed The Stranger's write-ups as well.
I voted as per the cheat sheet (although I live in a different precinct, so some of the picks were irrelevant to me) apart from sheriff. Like @3, I voted for Urquhart.

I really don't understand why The Stranger endorsed Strachan.

Oh, and I printed off the cheat sheet for ease of reference, so I probably didn't spend several minutes looking at it online.
It was helpful just for clarifying what some of the bills etc were actually referring to and talking about. Much appreciated, although I differed in a few instances.
Man, you guys really screwed the pooch on Senate Joint Resolution 8223. Fortunately DOUG'S VOTER'S GUIDE got it right!
Yeah, yeah ... now remind me - where's the election watch party cheat sheet?




Jill Stein of the Green Party and Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party will discuss issues ignored by Barack Obama and Mitt Romney!

Will either of these candidates achieve the 5% of the popular vote they need in order to receive matching federal funding and streamlined ballot access for the next election?

Hosted by the Free and Equal Elections Foundation, from the studios of in Washington D.C.

This event will be streamed live at Free and Equal, RT America, and many other outlets beginning at 6:00pm PST!
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