CNN in Miami: Who Here Speaks Motherfucking English?


Ok, I realize where Slog and everyone else posting this is going, but I will point out that in Miami, this is a valid question. Hell when I got called for jury duty while living in Miami, that was one of the first questions asked by the judge and lawyers during the interview process. The majority of CNN's viewership are English speakers. Many, many people in Miami speak only Spanish or (somewhat fewer) Creole. Now whether CNN needs to include that in the tape or hire someone who can translate (or whether Americans should learn more than one language but that's another rant) is a separate issue.
While I hear you, LL, I think it was her LEAP to the white guy -- without even bothering to really wait for an answer -- that makes it fail the stink test.
@2 I would say that it was the approach of the only white guy in line in and of itself, rather than the question per se that is questionable (Especially given South Florida's diverse latino population who will certainly play a role in the Florida outcome). My point was merely that for the majority of people who see this post, the question itself lacks the appropriate context
Are you guys that desperate to feel outraged?

Context. Usually a floor director approaches a few people ahead of time and them points them out to the talent.

And you just can hear him (he gestures to her that he will talk to her as the camera pans over) faintly say "yes" when she asked if anybody spoke english but the mic barely picked it up.

@3 is perfectly correct.