It Gets Better: Royal Canadian Mounted Police


Wow. Can't blame it on Canada today!
Thank you for posting something that is not about Romney or Obama, but appropriate just the same.
we thought being gay was a prerequisite for being a mountie....
Ugh. Yesterday Slog presented me with a bunch of cute guys in flannel. Today it introduced me to the idea of gay Mounties. My fantasy life is going to be active for a while.
One reason why I wished I made enough to pay taxes in my country. (yes this video was officially produced by the RCMP, most likely from the federal outreach branch).
@4 there have been gay mounties for decades and gay soldiers in Canada too. Out that is.

In fact (thinking back), it's been the case for about 25 years.

Yes, America is a backwater.
Thanks Dan. Teared up at a couple points.
Yeah, I'm really proud that this is an official RCMP video - the government of my country thinks this is worthwhile.
I heard about this on the CBC news today. The mounties making a It Gets Better video made national radio news. That says something about the success of the It Gets Better campaign. Congrats Dan.
This is truly great, but make no mistake: the RCMP is a deeply flawed institution, and the journey out of the woods hasn't apparently even begun. No less so for an employee than for the public. Search "RCMP sexual harassment" for recent stories about a July 2012 lawsuit joined by hundreds of female members, one of several that are pending. Then there was the Robert Dziekański incident, in which a middle-aged Polish immigrant who spoke no English was tasered to death at YVR by a set of RCMP officers who were anxious to try out their new gear, then went on to lie on the stand about their criminal collusion.
Yes, stinky, the RCMP has issues. But it makes me proud all the same that they made this video.
@10 not relevant to this. Shame on you for shitting on this wonderful piece.
I considered this to be my good-luck talisman yesterday ... until the election results came in to confirm the wins.