McKenna Refuses to Concede


What a loser!
Rob McKenna is a turd with ginger pubes stuck in it and I can't wait to be rid of him. But even if by some anti-miracle he wins, at least his hemorrhoid of a campaign will be over.
Copperfield, I have always hated you. You've always been an upstart, and you've always been against me. :-P
She's a feisty little number.
@4, yo, don't use femininity as an insult. Come on.
@5 word.
"New direction" = a hard right turn from his previous moderate positions straight to teabag-ville.
He's saying New Direction, but he's thinking nude erection.
Why would McKenna concede when the Gregoire/Rossi recount came down to a few hundred votes? Still could happen.
@9, Sasquatch, Madonna and Lady Gaga could still do a Gangham style atop the space needle, too. If I were you, I'd watch for that to happen first.
mckenna seems to be relying on republican climate scientists to do his statistical analysis. unless the 'GOP Victory Vans' were able to deliver about 103,867 votes for him in king county that have yet to be counted, there is no possible way he can win. i know he thinks that he had massive Romnentum in the last couple of days of the election, but we all know how much crap Mittens' statistics were. the thing i hate the most about our all mail-in balloting system is that any time someone is withing 5 points on election night they hold on, do not give a concession speech on election night and instead issue a lame-ass press release or give a press conference in which they blame something for their loss and the victor cannot give a victory speech to their supporters and to the state on election night. and those speeches are an important ritual of democracy.
i'm gonna assume that given Rob Mckenna feels he has a mandate to take obamacare to supreme court, to fight it,even tho both senators, the governor and a majority of congressman, as well as 75 percent of population, were either for obamacare or didnt want him to, that if he ends up with 25 percent of vote for governor, he will declare himself the winner