Now That's Patriotism


She actually voted Romney.
Bad. Ass.
That mural on the wall? It was a photoshop job. You can see two clocks on the wall. And someone who should know said that the image was used in the 2008 campaign and not since. And yeah for this woman. I hope someone gave her cuts!
one of my neighbors never votes because, as she says "voting is not in the Bible" ... even though she will be negatively affected if Romney/McKenna types win.

Man suffers heart failure, is given CPR, and when he comes to asks, "Did I vote?"
Wow. And people here are whingeing about being too busy to buy stamps.
Maybe it's me, but I see a HUGE difference between my friends waxing nostalgic for the "I Voted" stickers and people in swing states having to spend 9 hours in line & calling the officials on it.

But then, I'm not trying to make some over-generalized point about voting, either.
Galicia knew several months ago that it might make sense for her to cast an absentee ballot. The shame is on IL for not doing a better job promoting use of mail in ballots.
@8 may very well be true but still.

I'm a guy so I think pretty much any woman who gives birth is pretty damn bad ass (thanks @2). But this is off the charts.

Woman breaks leg and has husband carry her inside so she can vote.
Dammit! When I was a kid, we had to walk to school every single day!!!!!

(Thank the gods I only lived 2 blocks away.....)
Parents from Amish area. Did our non-voter use a car, telephone, zippers, electric light? Cause none of that is in the bible either.
Wow, no racist comments about hispanics or classist bullshit about young moms? You're losing your edge, Slog trolls.
How about a 93-year-old WWII vet holding off on dying until he could fill out his ballot?

Oh yeah...and he was a Japanese American who volunteered for the military from the internment camp where he and his family had been imprisoned.

So I think I'm willing to put up with a little bit of logistical hassle to cast my vote.
Any clue what Washington spends on elections vs. other states? I feel like y'all got it down pretty well. Wonder what's prohibiting other states to follow.