The Ideal Election Food


Yes, oh yes. I have a package on my desk right now.
I LOVE them.
For a tasty treat, coat one side in cream cheese and roll it up.
I just pushed Jimmy Johnson out of line at Ezell's so I could get my lunch:
Trader Joes is overrated
take a look at the sugar content in those
@6 Truth. I can never get those because I will seriously eat the whole thing in under 10 minutes.
You could go to Central Co-op 1 block closer and buy cheaper and better quality organic dried mangos in bulk from a locally-owned co-op.

It's so bizarre to me that progressives are so excited about voting, yet every day give their money to companies like Monsanto and Trader Joe's. Just vote Romney and be consistent.
I'm doing lines of coke during the returns tonight.
I feel like I'm burning hundreds of calories just sitting here being anxious. I may need to get a snack.
@8 I feel like eating a McDonald's hamburger just to make up for accidentally reading your whiny comment.
@8 I buy 90% (if not more) of my food and my bath and kitchen crap at Mad Market. Trader Joe's has tastier dried mangos, better lemons and limes and a few good, cheap cheeses, so I shop there, too. But I guess my free will is too Republican for you?
@8 I went to Madison Market to get mangoes (where I'm a member). My smaller bag of dried mangoes tasted better (thank you) but was smaller and more expensive (5 ounces for $4.15 as opposed to 6 ounces for $2.99). Just reporting back. Do with this information what you will.