Post-Election Freakout!


Is that the lady from the Seattle Times?
Tell Joni it gets better.
Oh Lordy, thanks to Lindy West posting this on FB, her rant was the soundtrack to my lunchbreak. It just travels in amazing places...
OK, I will only say this once. @2 FTW.

I need a shower.
Oh good lord... I made it 30 seconds. I can't take that brand of crazy!
She's right though. Romney lost because you didn't share her totally, totally sensible videos on Facebook.
Holy shit, crazy lady is crazy. I especially like how she explains how much trouble she goes to to find right-wing stuff to post on Facebook, and then bitterly complains that no one spreads it around or reposts, with absolutely zero awareness that this might indicate that PEOPLE DON'T LIKE HER. Amazing.
I hope the secret service is aware and looking into her!
I just wish I could keep my mother-in-law off the schnapps.
Kind of sad, really. There's the butterscotch schnapps, with beer chaser; that's no way to live. And her profile says "I have self-diagnosed ADD", which is, I think, plank #7 of the Republican platform. And on her blog she says "I can remember when I could afford food :\ (not a joke) (donate)". So she's, uh, totally down with the GOP self-reliance thing I guess. Poor dear.

I really think she should switch to Buttered Popcorn Flavored Vodka. That's a real thing; I saw some in the liquor store yesterday.
Butterscotch schnapps is the new bath salts.
In keeping with the conservative love of free speech, she has disabled the comments on her video.
Annie Wilkes.
@12 - is it her own video? Or someone who recorded her and then posted it on their own account?
glad i sent you this on facebook, schmadie.
I imagine Sheldon Adelson is sounding the same way today.
I am not laughing.
Isn't there a South Park character inspired by this woman?

Perfect! Now I'll have something to drink with my vodka flavored butter-popcorn!
(Scary: Thanks! Actually a lot of people sent it, too many to name-check, but thanks!)
Ah, she's a frustrated Palin supporter. She's also big on burning the Quran -- well, not herself personally, but she's a big fan of something called Ann Barnhardt, a lunatic Christianist "tax striker" who DID burn a Quran on a Youtube video (and whose last twitter was to bet that Obama takes his oath of office on one). And she really, really enjoys feuding -- I do believe she likes feuding with fellow Republicans (especially Paultards) more than she likes hating Socialists and Progressives.

And that's as far down that crazy-Republican rabbit hole I'm willing to go.
There is no Like button big enough.
FYI, David, you referred to "both of them" as "rape idiots" but there were several more: Akin, Mourdock, John Koster, Rick Berg, Linda McMahon, & Paul Ryan (although he did win his house seat back)
She lives alone. What a surprise. I wonder what her blood pressure got up to?
It's kind of sad how happy this makes me.

"Look at what you did! You're responsible for this shit!"

*dance dance dance*

(helps that pandora is also playing)
Poor thing. She's distraught. I like it.
Oh no! Video locked to private. Tell me someone mirrored it!
I clicked on a random point in the video to hear "You want to call me unhinged? I AM!" I can't stop giggling.
@27-- I was just about to send the link to soon-to-be admirers. Where can I find it now!?
She is Annie Wilkes! Only it's Annie after she's totally lost it and doesn't care if she uses profanity or not.

The loneliness coming loud and clear through those twenty-four minutes (WHY WON"T ANYONE SHARE MY FACEBOOK POSTS!!!) is so sad and pathetic. I would feel bad for her, but it sounds like she's dug her own hole. Maybe if she tried being nice to people, people would be nice to her.
@ 14, if you keep watching, it becomes clear that she made and posted the video herself.

@ 27/29, I was able to open a different browser and watch it. No "private" warning.
one minute and 27 seconds and I said out loud and to myself "that's quite enough of that!". at first I thought it was because of her unhinged insanity, but then I got a creeping realization that it was because what she was saying was hitting too close to home; why the fuck aren't my "friends" on Facebook sharing my insights into things like obscure 1990's hardcore bands and the actor William Forsythe? what are those fuckers so afraid of??
omfg someone PLEASE copy this! it went private again!
This link works for me, but I can't stop picturing Sue Sylvester and that makes it almost charming.…
Oh, that's the same link. Well, it didn't work the first time I tried it and the next time it did.
ok, I made a copy. if the original video goes down, view it here: com/watch?v=_yL-eAMbALY
posted it to Reddit too... I hope this goes viral. So goddamn funny. http://www.reddit. com/r/PoliticalDiscussion/comments/12ubv8/hilarious_conservative_meltdown_about_her_fellow/

I'm unregistered, so connect the url in your browser
lol somehow she found the copy instantly. did the youtube robots tell on me? how do you get away with making copies?
I was immediately put in mind of this old gem:…
You know, I was pretty surprised that she lashed out at birthers for having wasted precious labor on an unwinnable end game. She's got enough IQ to put some rational thoughts together, but then there's the whole rest of it. Hard to decide which part of her existence is most sad, but I'm thinking that potato chips and cheese dip for her planned victory dinner might just be it. Boo hoo. It ended up being a loser dinner for a loser diner.
I usually like crazy people, but not angry crazy angry people. I feel sorry for her, but at least she might get the proper meds with obamacare.
@32 & 41 you are hilarious! I listened to the whole thing, but I think the real insight into her worldview is crystallized when the webcam takes in the surrounding landscape. Oh god cheesedip supper, I think my cubicle neighbors can hear my muffled laughter