These Are a Few of My Favorite Memes


Also Canada. But the Prime Minister is a Robot.
Robot? Surely not. He wears sweater vests for the love of God! What's more human than that? (Also; secretive, manipulative, deceptive, cunning, power-hungry.)
Australia doesn't want them

I look forward to Jay Inslee putting an immediate stop to Warren Buffet's coal trains coming through Washington.

Do you have a timetable for when that might happen?
I took great pleasure in informing my tea-bagging co-workers all the "good" countries they wanted to "escape" Obama to during the 2008 election had higher taxes than the U.S. which funded socialized medicine, tight gun laws, no death penalty, few or no abortion restrictions, gay rights, and religion kept out of public schools. The look of miserable disappointment on their faces was priceless! Priceless!
Wasn't there that (rapidly failed) libertarian enclave experiment in Costa Rica a month or two ago?

Or, if they're like Mitt, they could go live with their money. I suspect there's little regulation and a lot of leeway in some of those Caribbean banking islands.

Definitely. The only places in the world *more* conservative than Kansas (especially the way *they* want) are places where Islam is the rule of law. It sounds like even Turkey is too secular for their tastes.
@8, well, Paraguay certainly used to be more conservative than teabaggers, but I don't know how it is now.

Khazakstan? North Korea?
Remember when Seattle Bruise declared that if gay marriage won the vote he was moving to his fictional house in Tuscany?
By the way, what is source of that Australian one? I'd like to forward it around.