What Would Republicans Do to Not Vote for Chris Christie?


Bipartisanship in the face of a national disaster. Good thing the Republicans in congress would never sink so low.
Chris Christie is an opportunistic pig. In other words, a successful politician.

But he's about as telegenic as a side of beef hanging in a cold storage locker.

Maybe Obama should appoint him as Ambassador to Tonga, where spherical dudes rule.
I think his response gives him great credibility. These right-wing nuts will have calmed down by the next election, and independants and even liberals will give him respect. Christie can have a long career ahead of him.
To be fair though, Ron Paul fans would say that about every politician, not just Christie.
I don't watch reality TV, but that sounds like the premise for a pretty entertaining show.
This makes me miss my grandfather...nothing quite as nostalgic as old men bitching about "pussies" from the safety of their lazy boy recliners. Take away the TV guide and the cheap beer, and they will turn on their own.
@3: He could, if he weren't morbidly obese. I don't think he'd do well in the rigors of a national presidential campaign.
Team Rape begins to eat itself. Better than eating other Americans.
I would walk through that fire with you. I would hold your hand, firm and reassuring, and walk through those swirling flames. I would caress your palm, meeting your eyes with longing as we stepped into the fire's warm embrace, shivering with unrequited and sinful desire.
Do it. No balls.
I would stand in line for seven hours to nail their hands to that burning building.
Wasn't this exactly the refrain about Romney in the '08 primaries?
Christie has more than enough time to turn himself around. But if the Republican primaries were a circular firing squad this time, it doesn't bear imagining what the 2016 ones will look like.

They're seriously trying to float yet another Bush while trying to pretend they aren't into dynasties. Santorum will likely wash up again. And that's just the start of the crazy.
I will never vote for Christie. If the coming election were between a democrat and Christie...I would not vote! Christie's comments after Sandy showed that he is not a "big picture man" and is only capable of
"caring" about one issue at a time. A president needs to be able to care about one issue without "not caring" about all the others.
I'd rather vote for a disembodied ball-sack than vote for Chris Christie. All he has done that is noteworthy is give Obama a regular cup n' tug.