Etymology of the Day: Slapstick


Maybe intimidate children?
My high school woodshop teacher showed us how to make these. His version was a 2' piece of 2x2 with a 1/8" slot cut in the center through about 1.5' of its length. The other 6" is rounded to make a handle. The two pieces of wood smack together with a loud bang.

Nothing like a large group of high schoolers running around a room full of dangerous equipment hitting eachother with sticks.

And yes, like all shop teachers he was missing several fingers.
Why are we talking about "intimate children"?
The paper linked has a number of interesting articles, especially the one about how Christians have no influence on US politics. Also, peaches for 14 cents a can.
That "apartment wanted" listing could be Craigslist Gold today.
@ 1. Er, yes. Fixed.