James Deen, "the adult industry’s biggest male star," explains his dismay over a newly passed law that requires porn stars with dicks to put a condom on those dicks while fucking on camera in Los Angeles County.

He has a point—there are already tons of safeguards in the big-time porn industry.

But the problem this law addresses isn't a problem in the sort of porn that Deen is in—porn that features "the adult industry’s biggest male star." Folks at the top of the business (the cream of the crop, if you will), they can afford to set those terms. You know, folks like Deen tend to have the leverage to require that his scenes get filmed outside of Los Angeles County. The problem is with low-rent porn that stars the amateur, semi-underground, and sometimes-poor young recruits who can't afford to set the terms of the deal. That's who this law is for.