King County just dropped its first of two anticipated ballot drops today—76,779 ballots worth—bumping Jay Inslee up to a 51.36 to 48.64 percent statewide lead, and a 60,062 vote margin. Democrat Kathleen Drew has also closed the gap a bit in the Secretary of State's race, in which she now trails Republican Kim Wyman by 50.44 to 49.56 percent and a 18,516 vote margin. R-74's lead now stands at 52.44 to 47.56 percent, and a comfortable 108,051 vote margin.

But... there are still a bunch of other counties that have yet to report today, so these statewide numbers are kinda meaningless. More important are the trends. Inslee won this afternoon's King County drop with 60.5 percent of the vote. That's worse than the 63.0 percent he pulled in on election night, but better than the 59.39 percent he earned from yesterday's batch. Inslee now has 62.45 percent of the total King County vote tallied thus far.

I'll run the numbers later tonight when they're all in.