There was an incident recently at the Evergreen State College in which a transgender woman (with male genitalia) was in the women's locker room, and after a young girl saw the trans woman naked, the parents complained. The story was pushed by Joseph Backholm, who runs the anti-gay Family Policy Institute of Washington and ran the failed anti-gay marriage campaign. KOMO ran the scandalized story last week.

Then yesterday, KOMO's Ken Schram awarded the college administrators, who say they were following state nondiscrimination law, a Shrammie Award. Here's his "reasoning":

Do watch the video—especially for the dramatically interjected movie clips of dudes in bad drag. Schram says, "there has got to be more than just a simple declaration that a guy identifies as a woman. Subjecting women and girls to guys who may want nothing more than seeing and being seen just isn't right."

This is some of the worst, laziest, and most offensive punditry Seattle has ever seen. It's like he deserves a stupid bobble-head award or something.