Business Insider:

Nationally, Obama won just 39% of the white vote, down from 43% in 2008. But in every Rust Belt battleground — Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Pennsylvania, and Michigan — Obama performed well above average with white voters.

In Ohio, Obama won 41% of the white vote. In Wisconsin, an astounding 48%. In Iowa, he actually captured the white vote with 51% to Romney's 47%. In Michigan, it was 44%, and in Pennsylvania, it was 42%.

...Obama losses among white voters came primarily from the South, in Republican strongholds that Obama was already expected to lose.

But let's go back to thinking about the Asian vote, 73 percent of which went to Obama. One can argue that Asians voted for Obama because the GOP is all about, is grounded in, is walled by white Christian values. Meaning, the GOP is exclusive and the Dems inclusive; GOP intolerant, Dems tolerant. But what if it has to do with this: Asians simply saw Obama as the better candidate. This is actually the truth, and the truth should guide your decisions. The kind of racial ideology that would distort this truth is simple not as pronounced in Asians as it is in certain segments of white America. Sure, there are racist Asian Americans, but their racism lacks the historical depth and intensity of white American racism. This is something to think about.