President-Elect Romney's Transition Website Briefly Went Online


Well, he could have won, I guess. In an alternate universe, far far away. Where only White votes mattered.
I wonder what he means by "smaller, smarter," and "standing with our allies." I think this is the kind of stuff I heard twelve years ago. All I gotta say is thank god, man. Thank god.
So. Very. Disturbing. But I guess we should laugh, with relief.
This site is still up from four years ago too:
In Sheldon Adelson's dreams.
But what i really would have liked to see was his proposed cabinet... shame.
I like that he put up a website and booked a fireworks display, yet didn't write a concession speech.

And to think, he was supposed to be the brains of the party...
He wouldn't miss $25K. That's chump change to Romney. He could have said, "OK, so I didn't win, but let's have the fireworks anyway, to thank the voters for being part of a great democracy. I'm not a sore loser, let the "you people" people have some fun".

The comments in the linked article say Kerry had, and cancelled, fireworks planned too. How come the winner never orders fireworks??
@7 - Apparently, Obama wrote a concession speech just in case. Wouldn't that be fascinating to see.

Romney won in the suburbs.

He is our King.

King Suburb.
'Smaller, Simpler, Smarter' - Corporate stench.

A glimpse of a truly horrible future that thankfully never came to be. Now, we just have to encourage Obama get progressive...
God, you're so annoying, Bailo. But I still read your irritating comments.
As has been noted on other sites, the "inauguration" photo on the Romney site, was lifted from Obama's first term inauguration.

Huh, ya'd think Romney's team would want to steal Reagan's inaug photo instead.
@10 ....and that's how he would have ruled. Like a King. Not as a democratically elected official.
You left out the best part! According to Gawker there is a statement that says anybody applying for a cabinet position or to work for the administration has to disclose their financial records & tax returns. Sweet Irony.
He looks like all the bad presidents in movies look, on that website. He's the one who goes after the rogue hero.
I am just imagining the good people of Boston reacting to a firework display over their city after Romney had lost their state by something like 23 points. Me thinks there would have been a pretty big protest going on by the end.
@10 - Come to the city. That's where the power resides. You'll like it, I swear.