Reading JoeMyGod Will Give You The Gladz


The entire internet has just been delicious these past 2 days.
If my schadenfreude continues another day, I might have to see a doctor.
Hey, what about Archbishop Sartain? I would like to feast on his delicious tears.
I bet Bill O'Reilly has a lot of stuff, and that Ann Coulter has more than a few things.
This "makers and takers" talk is going to drive me around the bend. WE ALREADY REFORMED WELFARE TWENTY YEARS AGO. There are almost no "freeloaders" left; just because you saw a homeless dude who was drunk the last time you were in a real city doesn't mean they're taking over. The "takers" are YOU -- old people on Social Security, veterans at the VA, disabled people, people who work full time but are still poor, and a pretty small number of desperately poor people who are temporarily getting a small fraction of what they really need. THERE ARE NO TAKERS. MOST OF THE PEOPLE COMPLAINING ABOUT TAKERS ARE TAKERS THEMSELVES RUMBLE SSSSSS BOOOM BOOOM HEAD ASSPLODES
Does Seattleblues has the sadz?
Where's GDfR been?
Gay Dude for Romney undoubtedly has The Sadz today too.

Bishop Malone has the sadz in Maine!…
@7 Well, now that the campaign is over, he's no longer being paid to post here, so...
Re: GDforR

Y'all missed his final's somewhere among the election posts (Can't remember, not going to look). 1) He offers congratulations. 2) He was NOT being paid (which is probably the saddest part).
Ted Nugent doesn't have the sadz. He's going for Angry Angry White Man. Ooh, is he angry.…
@11 weds morning news
404 error. I have the sadz now.
Add this to the list.
Is freudenfreude even close to being a word, because I don't have shameful joy, I have joyous joy. So much anticipation, then the payoff was almost too quick; I need more reveling.
@Bill O'Reilly's sad: Things? Stuff? We want clean air, water, and food. We want to not be sick. We want to marry who we love. Things??? Stuff??? We want to be represented in politics and in policies more than corporations (which are not people.) *Where* do you see any of that as "wanting more stuff"????
America's Talibangelicals should have the gladz, though: haven't they been saying for years that elections are the Voice of God? That if Romney had won, it would be because God had ordained his victory? That all the times marriage equality failed at the polls showed that God Had Spoken?

Obama won, and marriage equality won overwhelmingly. God Has Spoken. Right?
Fiscal Cliff Countdown.....52 days
Dan, Are you getting all gay for Joe now???
"Millions of Americans looked evil in the eye and adopted it. Some Christian observers called the Democratic Party platform for 2012 a 'Romans 1 Platform,' and they were right. Abortion, same-sex marriage, and immorality carried the day."

Hahahaha. The big loser of this election is, apparently, the Apostle Paul, famous for writing the killjoyest letter ever: "Dear Romans, how you keep partying and stuff all the time is super gay. Stop being gay all the time. Also, I hate women! KISSES, PAUL."
Apparently the 'good' archbishop hasn't been following your "Every Child Deserves a Mother and a Father" feature, Dan.

@17: I'm with you - I feel like I've had election-celebration blue-balls since Wed.