Secretary of State Appears to Be the Only Too-Close-to-Call Statewide Race


that's informative, thankee. but are there no prognostications, hints, guesses, as to when the last ballot might be counted?

("sorry little luke, governor races in washington state are like half-lives of radioisotopes, theoretically they take forever to decay")
I am very worried about another Republican secretary of state. In my opinion Mr. Munro let too many conservative initiatives and referendums on the ballot without scrutinizing a big enough sample of the signatures turned in by paid signature gatherers. Also look at the outrageous vote suppression tactics deployed by Republican election officials in Florida and Ohio. Across the country the Republicans want to disenfranchise people who tend to vote Democratic.
You know it's getting bad when even I'm sick of politics, Ugh!
What percentage of ballots have been counted at this point?
@3 Assuming an 84 percent statewide turnout (of registered voters), about 66 percent of ballots have been counted.

@1 Well, Nov. 27 is certification day. Ballot counting can go on up until then. But most will be done by this time next week. In a later post, I'll explain why the stragglers take so long.
Oops I meant Sam Reed, not Ralph Munro! LOL having a senior moment.
@ 2 I am not too worried Reed has been a pretty good Sec of State a nice moderate Republican, look at how he handed the 2004 Governor's race. Wyman is the same way, so even though I voted Drew. She would be ok.
Wyman was my county auditor, and she did an excellent job. There was never any problem w/ the elections, even during the 00's. And her being a R, believe me, I kept a close eye on her election activities.
As I noted in my report over on HA (thanks for the shout-out, Goldy), if Wyman had been the Auditor of any county other than Thurston, Drew would probably be accepting congratulations by now.

Ordinarily, Thurston County goes something like 55-45 Democratic. In sharp contrast, Wyman is ahead there after two days of results, by an overwhelming 59-41.