When I found out Referendum 74 passed yesterday, I texted all of my closest gay friends who are in committed relationships asking if 1) they are getting married 2) if I was invited to the wedding and 3) if there would be an open bar.

To my deep disappointment, none of my friends are planning big fat gay weddings, so I thought I would make a little fact sheet to simplify the process in case anyone *ahem* wants to get married and *ahem* invite me.

The first day you can apply for a "gay" marriage license is on December 6th at the King County Recorder's office. If you're outside King County the state has a handy website directing you to the marriage licensing location nearest you.

There is a three day waiting period after you receive your marriage license, which means the first day a wedding can actually be officiated is on December 9th. But that's a Sunday and the government doesn't work on weekends, so a courthouse wedding isn't possible on that day.

If you are committed to to getting married on the 9th, someone else (who is ordained to marry) can officiate in a non-courthouse ceremony. Anyone can get ordained online!

The first courthouse ceremonies will be on Monday, December 10th. The fee for a courthouse wedding is $80 and you will need two witnesses over the age of 18 in tow.

Update: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that a marriage license could be obtained by at the Seattle Municipal Courthouse, however the King County Recorder's office actually issues the licenses.