The Basics on Getting Gay Hitched


But, if you are already gay married, you can Register it 12-6-12 here.

But have another wedding and invite your str8 friends and relatives. Those who show will be glad. Those who don't will send presents you can probably use anyway.
Note: courthouse ceremonies don't often have an open bar.
"Couples currently registered under the state's domestic partnership law will have until June 30, 2014, to dissolve their partnerships or convert them to marriage. If they don't, the state will convert the partnerships for them."…
Any word yet on which weddings the Governor will officiate at?

Also, fwiw, Ron Sims is an ordained minister. And a great guy. Book early, the best go quickly.
@3 unless one of them is 62 or older. Don't scare the old people who read SLOG.
@5 I appreciate the correction!
Neither I nor Mr. Vel-DuRay have even the slightest interest in getting married (although we both support marriage for all, of course) but I think we are already domestic partners with the state. How would one go about finding that out?
That happens (coincidentally? perhaps not!) to be MacCrocodile's birthday! Now I don't feel the need to get him anything else, since I already got him equal rights.
Marriage licneses in Seattle come from the King County Administration building, not the Seattle Municipal Court!
@8 - Unless you went in with my boyfriend on a ring, it doesn't count. A Kindle would be nice, though.
@7 for City of Seattle… for State Registered Domestic Partnerships

I got married at a courthouse in Redmond. It was fun! We just had a giant party later.
My bestie and his partner are thinking about it now. They joked (?) that they're going to rent a room at a charter school for the reception which will feature a big pile of pot brownies instead of a wedding cake.
@3 - This is a longshot, but what if you lived in WA and were registered domestic partners and then moved out of state? I guess that's null and void now so no potential for marriage? Maybe we'll be back someday...
@14 - Your partnership is still valid in Washington. They didn't shred the documents when you crossed the state line; it's just that most other states don't recognize them. Presumably, your partnership will be converted along with everyone else's that Washington has on file.
The People’s Revolutionary Homosupremacists are rounding up the heteros for their mandatory gay marriages as we speak.

The zenith of the mass marriage event will be when we force the two butchest Huskies on the UW football team to totally exchange rings, kisses, and workout tips in a shotgun ceremony witnessed by a packed stadium. The unhappy, yet totally ripped and hawt-as-hell couple then will be ferried to a lavender farm on San Juan Island for a honeymoon filled with painting, bicycling, and long walks holding hands on the beach at sunset.
So, when Obama comes to dissolve my straight wedding and force my wife and I to marry same sex partners from other forced dissolution marriages, leaving me with one of the two cats, what do I do if my new partner is allergic to cats or is a Republican?
Please don't use someone ordained online to officiate your Washington marriage--gay or otherwise! Even the Attorney General of Washington was unable to say definitively whether this would void the marriage.…
I know I'm coming in late, but I have to be clear that you can still get a courthouse marriage if you contact a judge and request one. A lot of Superiort court judges are happy to do wedding at the courthouse on the weekends. Some might even do a midnight ceremony if enough people are interested
@19: I live in Toronto, where we get weddings every Pride parade (as well as year long, of course!), but I love the idea of mass midnight ceremonies on Dec 9.
Interesting tidbit about the "anyone can get ordained" line. Turns out that due to the wording of the RCW, you don't even need anyone who is ordained to marry you if you *believe* the person marrying you has the authority. Even better, only *one* of the people getting married has to believe it.

RCW 26.04.060 "A marriage solemnized before any person professing to be a minister or a priest of any religious denomination in this state or professing to be an authorized officer thereof, is not void, nor shall the validity thereof be in any way affected on account of any want of power or authority in such person, if such marriage be consummated with a belief on the part of the persons so married, or either of them, that they have been lawfully joined in marriage."

So the recipe for getting married by any old non-authorized officiant is to have one of you arrange for it and tell the other one that it's on the level. Then one of you will have a belief that you have been lawfully joined, and thus you will be. It's beautifully circular.