Obama is still president! And Republicans are still dicks. Obama ran hard on raising taxes on households earning over $250,000 a year, and won reelection on that issue. But Republicans are insisting that this is the one issue on which they will not compromise. Dicks.

No news is good news. (Unless you're Kathleen Drew. Or a Republican.) Nothing much changed in yesterday's ballot drops in Washington State. Pretty much everything that was ahead still is ahead, and there's no sign yet of any big late voter trends.

Hey Seattle Times...? How'd that political advertising experiment work out for you? Um, not so well.

Why does God hate Chris Christie? A little more than a week after Superstorm Sandy slammed into New Jersey, devastating the coastline and leaving millions without electricity, a powerful nor'easter dumped up to a foot of snow on the region, knocking out power to hundreds of thousands more.

What's past is prologue. It's been 24 years since a Republican has won as many electoral college delegates as Obama won Tuesday night, a six-election-span in which the Republicans have only won the popular vote once. So perhaps the Grand Old White Party's bleak demographic future shouldn't come as much of a surprise?

Turns out, Asians hate Republicans too. A lot has been written about the Democratic Party's dominance with Black and Latino voters, but President Obama won 72 percent of Asian voters too.

Well, perhaps if the "R" didn't stand for "Rape"... There will be 20 women in the US Senate next session: 19 16 Democrats and only 1 4 Republicans.

And by "Nate Silver," of course he means "Math." Unskewed Polling master "mind" Dean Chambers admits that "Nate Silver was right" about his polling projections. I'm not sure what's stupider, the fact that it's news that this guy admits that actual election results trump conservative election projections, or the fact that I'm writing about this idiot at all?

A fool and his money. Republican super donors are reportedly "livid" that they got nothing for the $390 million they stuffed into Karl Rove's pockets.

Wait, do my earlobes look creasy to you?

And finally, your Taiwanese animated election wrap-up: