The Thursday Morning News


The House is still Republican! And Obama is still a dick. House Rupublicans ran hard on not raising taxes, and won reelection on that issue. But Obama is insisting that this is the one issue on which he will not compromise. Dick.

The Republican self-recrimination is the big, fat, red, juicy cherry on top of our electoral sundae. Never in fondest hopes could I have imagined a better outcome and fallout than what we have.

I love it how there are still Republicans who are insisting, "We need to be MORE conservative! We're in a war - a war! - for the soul of America."

No. You were in a war. And you lost.

And how about Karl Rove having to explain himself to his billionaires? "I thought you were the genius! We invested so much capital in you! Where's our returns!"

I'd love to see how this meeting played out. This is so delicious.
You link to your own post as "morning news"? So lame.
Earlobes looking nice and smooth, thank god!
@1: Yeah, you keep rubbing that "we only lost two seats in the house" consolation prize.

Wrap yourself in it like a blanket. Maybe it will help you forgot how completely wrong you were about the elections, and how your man Romney got a total ass-kicking.

@1: taxes on the wealthy are going up when the bush tax cuts expire. unless the house GOP continues to hold the credit rating of the nation hostage and push the budget over the fiscal cliff, WHICH THEY CREATED in a COMPROMISE with the white house. at issue is whether they will compromise again and pass a bill that extends the bush tax rates for everyone but the wealthiest, or let everyone's taxes go up. but you knew this.

i'm hoping for the latter, because some men just want to see the world burn.
Then we both share the same hope.
Call me Nero.
@1 "House Rupublicans ran hard on not raising taxes, and won reelection on that issue."

House Republicans represent the "majority" view of their districts, which is decidedly different from a national referendum.

Arguably, a majority of each House Member's constituents very much want their Representative to be unyielding to the national opinion, but at best that only makes dickishness an inherited trait.
Actually more than one of the women in the Senate is a Republican. Deb Fischer of Nebraska is being added to Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Susan Collins of Maine, Kelley Ayotte of New Hampshire. There was only one elected this time around.
"There will be 20 women in the US Senate next session: 19 Democrats and only 1 Republican."
Susan Collins
Lisa Murkowski
Kelly Ayotte
and now Deb Fisher
(probably others...just going from memory here)
@1 - Good one. I love how the Republicans consider losing the presidential race and seats in the House and Senate a mandate for their ideas.

"American's love our policies. Tuesday made that plain."
Obama Déjà vu

Almost immediately, upon winning the presidential election, Obama stated he wanted to get together with Mitt Romney to discuss the country's future.

Mitt Romney? The private equity leveraged buyout super debt-creator? The jobs offshoring guy who offshores all his money as well?

The guy who only knows how to raid the US tax base, not to enhance it? (And doesn’t the Obama administration already have plenty of private banksters for such discussions?)

After saying that, President Obama called both Boehner and McConnell, neither of whom would accept his call????

Not accepting the call of the President of the USA? Almost like they consider him nothing more than a former local organizer who is nothing more today than a hapless figurehead?

And the beat goes on . . . .…
@10, thanx --- as I said yesterday, "Nineteen women senators? It's a good start . . ."
Oh dear:

Diane Sawyer drunk on election night!
How an Obama Victory Hurts Republican Me….

Men who had voted for the losing presidential candidate, John McCain, suffered a big drop in their testosterone after hearing of his defeat.

Anyone want to guess at YGBKM's testicle size yesterday morning? No wonder he's here trying to troll us. The loser is desperate to feel like a man.
Re: Dean Chambers

Heck yes it's news. A Republican bigwig looked at reality, realized he got it wrong and admitted it inside of 24 hours?

That is the most hopeful news for the Republicans to stop being the armed clown of the body politic I've heard in a good long time.

Hey Goldy,

1. There are no "electoral college delegates". They are called Electors, as in "the only people who actually vote to elect the President". Seeing as how I'm the Democratic Alternate Elector from WA-07, perhaps I should say "We are called ..."

2. As noted in the article you linked to, the earlobe-heart disease association has been known for well over 20 years.