Sensible people are saying this:

If Republicans drop their opposition to gay marriage, the chances that Democrats will continue to pick up majorities of new and young voters will diminish. Gay issues are the civil rights issue of the time. Many of these voters see the party's implacable opposition to equal treatment for gays and simply turn away. The GOP is killing itself by giving libertarian-leaning younger voters a reason to think that the party is held hostage by a loud minority.

Rightwing nuts—including the rightwing nut that the GOP asked to write the anti-gay "family" plank in the 2012 Republican Platform—are promising civil disobedience and "revolution" if gay marriage is becomes law. Which has me wondering...

If the GOP drops its opposition to gay marriage—and gay adoption and gay employment protections and gay existence—a huge chunk of the GOP base will revolt. And they'll walk. Then they'll go Dixiecrat on the Republican party's ass. So... who'll be the Republican party's George Wallace, I wonder? My money is on Santorum with Mike Huckabee as his running mate. Any other ideas about who the Homophobican nominee might be in 2016 or 2020?