Jay Inslee Claims Victory


Thankfully, McKenna will soon have no reason to make announcements.
To call this a conservative meltdown is hyperbole, in the sense that very conservative political measures passed (I-240 and I-185) statewide and measures benefiting the public as a whole (Pierce County Proposition 1) failed locally. In spite of voter suppression reports from most states with a Republican Secretary of State, Kim Wyman is leading Kathleen Drew.

So this is not a conservative meltdown. It is a homophobic meltdown, however.

R-74 and I-502 both passed due to the public's aversion to government intrusion into one's private life. Rob McKenna lost because he yoked his star to homophobic forces in order to secure campaign cash. Jack Connolly dumped close to 1 million dollars of his own money into the most expensive state legislature race in WA state history-and lost, not because he was too conservative (his economic policies are mainstream Democratic), but because he ran on an anti-GLBT ticket in a district that is heavily pro-GLBT. Sheryl McCloud beat Richard Sanders because Sanders was openly homophobic during his judicial campaign.

One night while in Yakima doing some phone banking, an Obama supporter mumbled to me that she thought her candidate would lose because of R-74. Outside the Yakima County Democrat's office, where said phone bank was itself, were no Approve 74 signs, but there was one very prominent Reject sign planted right out front by the sidewalk. In fact, I could find not one Approve sign anywhere in my wanderings through Yakima.

This had nothing to do with conservativism or liberalism or progressiviim. This had to do with our state being one of four that finally turned its pent up disgust with the Ken Hutchersons of this world into action. This was the day Washington told the bigots to go fuck themselves and leave GLBT people alone.
Yeah, no new taxes! Thanks Jay!
Jay Inslee looks like a guy who just took over the athletic department at Penn State.
Jay Inslee looks like a retired Z-club glory hole technician.
@5 you should've just said 'fag'. idiot
Fuck you McKenna! Take your phony smile and your plastic family and fade into obscurity. You were big business's bitch as AG, and would have been a disaster as governor. Later asshole.
That's cute and all, but if your (Barreto's) Tuesday prediction were off by an equal amount in the opposite direction, McKenna would be our next governor ... and we don't have enough other data points to form an opinion on the methodology itself.
Thanks for keeping us up to date on what the returns really meant.
@8 I'm not sure what you mean. My prediction wasn't off at all. And FYI, our call was made independent of Barreto, though is concurrence was extremely reassuring. There were plenty of number crunchers at the Westin Tuesday night who looked at the data and figured McKenna was toast.
Is there any real significance to a concession speech? I think not- the office goes to whoever holds the most votes when the election board certifies the results, regardless who may have conceded or failed to concede. Consequently, why should Inslee or his staff give a rat's ass about this? Or anybody else except perhaps McKenna's own supporters? It's a tradition, but without practical import. I think.
@11 It means that McKenna has signaled his intentions not to needlessly call in the lawyers and drag this contest out in court. Or do you forget how damaged Gregoire remained from the perceived lack of legitimacy in her first term?

The counting continues but the campaign is over unless somehow the impossible happens.
Hey Goldensteinemberg, are you going to hold Inslee to his no new taxes pledge?

@10 -- The only estimate given in the Tuesday post you link to in this post is Barreto's (Inslee by 4) - which is way off, as I said.

You say your prediction "wasn't off at all"? Remarkable if true ... and even more remarkable if true and made public.
So Inslee's a verified dumb-ass. Who's going to be the real power behind the Governor's office now?* Or is it going to devolve back to Chopp?

* Not that it really matters, the myriad of bad decisions and political payoffs forthcoming will cripple this state's economy for years. My business expansion plans were based on either Romney and/or McKenna winning. Now I'm going to provide for my existing customer base with my existing employees and that is it. The rest of you get what you voted for.