LOLwork, Making People Laugh Zero Minutes a Week


Do they still all get paid $9 an hour or whatever it was?
Hahaha. Funny.
I applied for a job there and didn't get it. I'm really, really, really glad now that I saw this. Humiliating.
Do they make a Cheezburger site with crazy dog pictures?

@4 "I Haz a Hot Dog"
Ouch. A good friend of mine is on that show.
Life imitates art (ie, The Office).
Pretty boring. I watched one segment (and I like Bravo).
I also applied for a job there a few years back and figured I had a good shot at it, but it paid minimum wage and it would mean working in the SLU area (if I remember correctly), which seemed like hell to reach by public transit. I was pretty ambivalent about not getting a response.
Urrrrrfff. Off to take drugs now, to forget the pain.
The thing about LOL cats or Chhezburgr or Derpbase or whatever he put up on his webiste today is that even though he purports to be this big meme generator it's more of a meme endpoint. Successful, undoubtedly, but more insular and derivative than the owner would have one believe.
Last time I looked at I Can Haz Cheezburger (which was at least a year ago) I thought it was pretty funny. That show looks painfully unfunny, humiliating, embarrassing, and above all, scripted and fake. For fuck's sake, what is wrong with those people?
@9: Don't forget that it was minimum wage with no benefits.
As a current Cheez employee I can assure you that we make well over minimum wage with benefits and have always been located in Lower Queen Anne. Startups are hard man, we've been through a lot.

I got hired right after that big, damning Gawker article a few years back and trust me, a great deal of that article was unfounded and mostly just the rantings of an angry former employee. Every company, no matter how wonderful, has angry former employees from time to time.
@14, why is everything in that show so obviously fake?
Ingo, not sure you're telling the truth. A year and a half ago, I worked briefly for the cheezburger network. It was well covered territory that Ben started his employees at minimum wage. And benefits? Really? Maybe after several years, but that was never on the table when I was there. And since you say you are a current employee, you know full well that the show is a big fat put on. First, there was never that much fun in that office which was usually quiet as church. It's actually a big giant, open room filled with shitty computers, and mostly awkward nerds mini the Internet. None of the principals on that show are real employees. Fess up. Ben is a cheap skate venture capitalist douche bag republican ( been privy to some of his venture capital meetings). And the show is a fraud
I too applied for a job there and I too was offered minimum wage.