Re: Our Crying President


But what's there to love about a Marxist Ayn Rand?
My stoic African daddy never cared about me SOBBBB!
It is a cultural difference. Coming myself from Britain, the land of stiff upper lips where men are never seen to cry, I can understand Charles' discomfort on this one.

I had a hard time getting used to how much men cry here. I don't know if I'm at 100% acceptance yet. Probably not.

I still have a hard time with how much Boehner cries. He's just a big baby.
Whining, pouting, throwing hissy-fits on small time cable channels are okay, but one tear that is unacceptable. Truth is, the Republicans can't get over how truly defunct their party is. And also, Charles--about the president crying--it's his party and he can cry if he wants to! And Matt, Mitt-rag was the one with daddy issues. It was obvious the whole time that he was trying to live up to his phallogocentrically infested dog-brain. Obama just had a human moment--Romney, sadly is a bit of a robot.
@3 yeah but we're not talking about John Boehner sobbing uncontrollably about a budget measure. Obama was addressing his team who just pulled off one of the hardest fought election victories in recent history. After 2 years of non-stop battle, can you blame the guy for getting a little choked up? Its not even like he started bawling.
For all we know, the fact that men cry less often than women does have biological origins.

But whatever its origins, this gender difference only makes the moment more powerful when a man does cry.
Jen, you're adorable. <3
"Men crying in general" and "a great man having special moment" are two different things, I admit.

In my own life, I've only ever seen two men cry. My father, when my grandma died. And my ex, when we broke up.

I've never seen a man cry happy tears. It just isn't part of my world.
Chris Christie confessed to tears when he spoke with Bruce Springsteen over the phone. Obama showed tears when thanking his supporters for a hard won campaign. Either is understandable. But John Boehner bursts into tears more often than Tammy Faye Bakker watching Old Yeller. What a baby.
Jen, good one. Charles, you bore me to tears.
Strong men also cry...

Actually, the link is an op-ed piece about the critical importance of warm relationships in mens' lives, and how they can actually learn. Old dog? New tricks! <3
Love this post.
@3 You are so missing the point. Charles wasn't saying, "I felt odd witnessing this moment, as I was brought up to think blah blah blah." No, he goes into full chauvinistic ethnocentric mode and displays his profound lack of "philosophy" by castigating the president for not adhering to his own small-minded code of acceptable behavior. I'm glad you agree w/ the ideas & philosophies of Cecil Rhodes, Mr. Mudede. Duly noted.

Jen, I'm glad you called him on his crap. Perhaps this is a "teachable moment"?
@8: I've never seen a man cry tears of joy either.

Personally, I prefer the British stiff upper lip to American whinging and blubbering.
@ 3 Was Winston Churchill a baby? He was known to cry freely when moved by triumph or tragedy.

I am a descendant in a long line of stiff-upper-lip Brits who never cry under any circumstances. Never. Ever. Even though I know, intellectually, that this repression is silly, it is deeply ingrained. I have managed to remain utterly stoic at many funerals, and not shed a tear. I know it's stupid, but I can't help it. This notion that it is unmanly to cry, that it is a sign of weakness, runs so deep that my intellect cannot overcome the raw gut need to maintain utter control of my outward emotions.

Sadly, it seems that Charles is even deeper in this hole than I am. Good luck trying to change him, but I fear you will have little success.
@4, I thought Matt was referring to Charles with that daddy comment. You were right about Mitt, though. That Frontline special about Mitt's past is all about his father and whether Mitt was going to surpass his father's legacy. (Also, the car accident).
so chuckles is cryist?
Well-played, Jen *clapclapclap*
@ 6... no. Try looking up what science has to say, first.

@ 8/14, watch the video of Mira Sorvino accepting her Oscar. When the camera pans out to Paul Sorvino, you can tell me what kind of tears he was crying.
Obama wasn't joyful. He was extremely touched that people cared enough about the issues he cared about, and about HIM, to get involved in helping him get into office. The guy didn't have a father in his life, his stepfather was an abusive drunk, and his mother eventually left him with his grandparents. Why wouldn't he get emotional when people showed they cared?
Holding back tears is like holding back a shit. Let it out, son. It's good for you.
whatever charles said , he was wrong. he's written about this before and he was just as wrong then as he is now ( and no, i didn't even read what he said about it ) tears are a gift, one that charles lacks. and i love both of you so there.
I never cry, am I manly?
We may be intellectual beasts, but we're as hormonal as any of our mammalian cousins.

Can you imagine how much cortisol has been running through that man's veins this entire election season? It's a wonder he didn't cry backstage as the numbers came in then rip his shirt off during his acceptance speech.
2012 and The Stranger is still wondering if it's okay for men to cry?! There is SO MUCH WORK to do in this world...even in our bubble! I have a weakness for "strong" men crying. It's so beautiful to see people be honest.
Thank you, @26. I also do not understand why men crying is even an issue. Let's all move on from dwelling on such things. Please.
@8, @14, what are you talking about? I cry tears of joy at sporting events, fer chrissakes. Nothing could be more American-male. Charles not so much.

If this happens we want a GIF, of course.
Men should cry more often, and we should all get over it.
i am so tired of this guy and his nonsensical, egomaniacal bullshit. he's an embarrassment to the stranger. i enjoy the space photos, but that's where it ends. (and you can find those anywhere).
I finally watched the clip. A moment of getting choked up and wiping away a couple of dignified tears while you're telling people you're proud of them? That is extremely manly crying. Charles is nuts.
@21 Sarah70,

Dang Girl! You almost made me cry with your comment. Never knew that Obama had an alcoholic step-dad. Knew that Clinton had one.

Nothing wrong with men crying. Poor Charles. He needs to cry and get it over with.
Aw, but sometimes it's fun when Charles is weird and wrong and ridiculous. I like it. Stand firm, stoic man-hero!
Make Tonderai cry by sending him back to that slum Harare where he came from.
There is a phenomenon that I call the "Single Man Tear".

Basically this means that in certain circumstances a Real Man(TM) is allowed to shed no more than one tear a month if something truly and utterly extreme has happened. Like having your arm ripped off.

Or, say, winning the Oval Office against a campaign that had a budget of several hundred million dollars.