Seattle City Council Reverses Course on South Seattle Program Funding


So that's where the Boston Harbor fireworks went ...
if money and grants results in pre arrest diversion, i.e., reduction in crime with attendant reduction in lives wasted behind bars, reduction in victims, increase in productive lives, etc., why don't we spend enough money to get rid of, excuse me, to pre arrest divert, ALL the crime?
Pre-arrest sounds like they gather up all the thugs and put them in cells before the inevitable felony is committed.
@2 - Good idea. At $3K per youth, it sure is cheaper then imprisoning them. Hell, $3K doesn't even pay for the trial.
Im a member of this program and one of the ones that spoke at the hearing...This program is saving peoples lives such as myself, if eliminated many of us would be in a frenzy to find housing, and resources while trying to maintain our full time college schedules. Thanks for the report stranger!