Dear Mr. Holden,

My daughter says that I recklessly put sriracha sauce on everything I eat. In your writing, I feel that you carelessly squirt the charge of racism on everything.

Not every social problem can be blamed on horrible racists running around being racist. After a while, the charge starts to seem forced... even lazy.

Yours very truly,

George Meyer

I carelessly squirted back a reply to Mr. Meyer asking for examples of my writing placing "the charge of racism on everything."

Mr. Meyer pointed me to two pieces I've written. First, as evidence of my reckless squirting, he cited "Asian Americans Wonder if Racism Persists on Rob McKenna's Campaign," about the reaction to a McKenna staffer tweeting that Asians needed to "shut up and drive." How could anyone think that telling an entire race of people to shut up is racist? Mr. Meyer doesn't, apparently. Second, he cited a piece in which I used the word racism once: "It's Not About the Stoners." Only a reckless squirter would recklessly link the drug war and racial bias.

Squirt, squirt, squirt.